Name: Ms. Chasy Cuihong GUO

Position: Director of HRO

Email: chasyguo@uic.edu.cn

Office: AD-602-R10

Office Phone: (0756) 3620108

C&B, Staff Relationship, HR Policy and EHR System


Name: Ms. Wendy Wen DUAN

Position: Assistant Director of HRO

Email: wendyduan@uic.edu.cn

Office: AD-602-R7

Office Phone: (0756) 3620062

Key Responsibility: Compensation and Benefit (Salary), Contract Renewal, Staff Exit


Name: Ms. June Yujie LIAO

Position: HR Officer

Email: juneliao@uic.edu.cn

Office: AD-602-R12

Office Phone: (0756) 3620069

Key Responsibility: Compensation and Benefit (Insurance & Housing Fund), Contract Management


Name: Ms. Jessica Yanting GAO

Position: HR Officer

Email: jessicagao@uic.edu.cn

Office: AD-602-H15

Office Phone: (0756) 3620064

Key Responsibility: Visa, Personal Care, Leaves


Name: Ms. Carrie Jingwen WANG

Position: HR Officer

Email: carriejwwang@uic.edu.cn

Office: AD-602-H16

Office Phone: (0756) 3620972

Key Responsibility:eHR System, HR Planning, HR Policy, Contract Renewal


Name: Ms. Mia Wenjun ZHANG

Position: Senior HR Assistant

Email: miawjzhang@uic.edu.cn

Office: AD-602-H13

Office Phone: (0756) 3620066

Key Responsibility: Personnel Data, Appointment Review, Staff Exit, Interest Declaration


Name: Ms. Maxine Yingyan DENG

Position: HR Assistant

Email: maxineyydeng@uic.edu.cn

Office: AD-602-H14

Office Phone: (0756) 3620063

Key Responsibility: HR Website, MIS User Account, Staff ID Card, Staff Benefits, Staff Activities, HR Support

Recruitment, Staff Development and Activities


Name: Ms. Mickey Liwen LI

Position: Senior HR Officer

Email: mickeylwli@uic.edu.cn

Office: AD-602-R11

Office Phone: (0756) 3620860

Key Responsibility: Recruitment, Personal Care


Name: Ms. Karen Cixin GAO

Position: Senior HR Officer

Email: karengao@uic.edu.cn

Office: AD-602-R11

Office Phone: (0756) 3620483

Key Responsibility: Recruitment, Performance Management (Academic staff), Outside Practice Declaration


Name: Ms. Daisy Liyi FENG

Position: HR Officer

Email: daisyfeng@uic.edu.cn

Office: AD-602-R12

Office Phone: (0756) 3620068

Key Responsibility: Recruitment, eHR System, Personnel Certification


Name: Ms. Raina Yining JIA

Position: Senior HR Assistant

Email: rainaynjia@uic.edu.cn

Office: AD-602-H12

Office Phone: (0756) 3620013

Key Responsibility: Recruitment, New Staff Entry/Reception, Training & Development, Staff Activities, Probation (Admin staff)

HR Planning and Performance Review


Name: Ms. Natalie Yongyi WU

Position: Senior HR Assistant

Email: natalieyywu@uic.edu.cn

Office: AD-602-H18

Office Phone: (0756) 3620980

Key Responsibility: HRO Contact Person, Household Registration, Annual Performance Review, Headcount Management, Pandemic Management


Name: Ms. Rachel Yunru TAO

Position: HR Assistant

Email: rachelyrtao@uic.edu.cn

Office: Outside AD602-R11

Office Phone: (0756) 3620606

Key Responsibility: HR Support, Recruitment Support, Pandemic Management