Vision and Mission of UIC: A New Liberal Arts College to Serve China and the World


To create an innovative international education model for China that can contribute to the welfare of the nation and the world.


To build a new model for liberal education in Mainland China and to nurture talented future graduates with international perspectives.

  • To integrate creatively and dynamically international and national experiences of education in China.

  • To promote Whole Person Education with local and international relevance.

  • To promote liberal arts education by tapping into both classical Chinese and Western cultural traditions.

  • To develop an innovative Four-Point Education Model that unites the forces of the college, the students, the parents and society for the delivery of our education programs.


The HR Office is the Human Resources Administrative department of BNU-HKBU United International College.

Major responsibilities:

  • Post Plan and Recruitment

  • Visa Application and Certification for foreign staff

  • Staff Care

  • New Staff Reception and Housing Arrangements

  • Personal Information and Records

  • Leave Records

  • Compensation & Benefits

  • Appointment Review Management

  • Performance Management

  • Training & Development

  • Entry and Departure Process

Members of  HR Office:

  • General Management:

Director of HR Office:  Ms. Chasy GUO

Assistant Director: Ms. Wendy DUAN

  • Recruitment:

Leader: Ms. Mickey LI

Member: Ms. Daisy FENG 

Member: Ms. Karen GAO 

  • C&B: 

Leader: Ms. Wendy DUAN

Member: Ms. June LIAO

Member: Ms. Mia ZHANG

Member: Ms. Carrie WANG

Member: Ms. Jessica GAO

  • Staff Development  and Activities:

         Leader: Ms. Raina JIA

Member: Ms. Maxine DENG

Member: Mr. William HE

  • HR Support, HR Policy & EHR System:

Leader: Ms. Carrie WANG

Member: Mr. William HE

  • HR Planning and Performance Review:

Leader: Ms. Natalie WU 

Member: Ms. Rachel TAO