Dear Nelson:
I wonder why every time I go to AD-602 and there being strong smell of food in the in the office, in the morning or at noon. Now it is 11:00 am in the morning and I believe it should be regular working time, why STAFF from FINANCE OFFICE are cooking in the pantry? Or are they HR STAFF??? Using working time, to cook? Whoever they were, are they paid for making food? I have no idea why this situation happened all the time?


Firstly, we regret for any unpleasant experience you may have been through. As you may have been aware, the pantry of AD-602 is a public area shared by FO & HRO where staff is welcomed to use for simple cooking. A team-building activity was held recently in view of the Dragon-Boat Festival where staff was encouraged to share their own food. We have acknowledged the inappropriate time management of the activity and reminded our staff of the awareness of work discipline as a follow-up. We appreciate your comments and look forward to better serving you in the future.

- Finance Office