1.Policy objective
To provide a comprehensive benefits plan that attracts and retains highly skilled and talented employees for all positions.

2.1. Social insurance

2.1.1. Social insurance includes five items: Pension, Unemployment, Medical, Injury and Child-bearing.
2.1.2. Those staff do not reach the retirement age will participate in the above five insurance items. Overseas staff can choose to participate in social insurance or not, depending on their own decision.

2.2. Commercial insurance

2.2.1. UIC provides commercial insurance for staff who are NOT entitled to benefits in the PRC social insurance scheme.

2.2.2. For those staff who are covered by the social insurance scheme, the College also provides supplementary Accidental commercial insurance.

2.2.3. Upgraded insurance

Staff may upgrade their insurance by paying additional cost on an optional basis.
Additional cost = Upgrade insurance cost – Basic insurance cost

2.2.4. Extend commercial insurance coverage to family members

Staff may choose to extend commercial insurance coverage (in different kinds of policy) to family members at their own expenses.

2.3 Housing Fund

2.3.1. UIC provides housing benefits for all Chinese staff(including HK,Macao and Taiwan).Staff from HK, Macao and Taiwan can choose whether to participate.

Please refer to related policies for detail information.