1 Objective
The main objective of the Dress Code Guideline is to provide a reference on dress and grooming to the staff, who work at the College, in order to represent the individual and the College in a positive and professional manner.

2 General Appearance
It is expected that all UIC staff will represent a professional image of the College. “Smart Casual” is recommended. Staff can wear clothes on a basis of comfort and not be overly restricted. However, a particular slogan or symbol that is obscene, racist, sexist, sectarian, or alcohol or tobacco related should be avoided or may result in potential disciplinary action. “Preferable” in the items below should be worn during official events of the College.

2.1 Tops (clothing above the waist)


2.2 Bottoms (clothing below the waist)



    - The Dress Code Guideline was examined, discussed and approved at the Human Resources and Staff Review & Development Committee (HRSRDC) on 22nd December 2016.