1. Objective

The College Suggestion Box Scheme aims to give an opportunity to all staff to make suggestions that will contribute to the continuous improvement of the College. It is believed that this initiative will increase a staff member’s sense of ‘belonging’ when they see their constructive suggestions implemented through this scheme.

2. Online Submission

2.1.1 All submissions will be treated as strictly confidential.

2.1.2 The suggestions will not be limited to HR-related matters. All college-related suggestions are welcome, such as day-to-day operations, cost efficiency, work environment and general campus well-being, etc.

2.1.3 Only the designated staff in the HR Office will have access to the suggestion box. Suggestions will then be forwarded to the appropriate department/office for action, in a timely manner.

2.1.4 The originator may choose to submit his/her suggestion anonymously, in which case a personal response is not possible.

2.1.5 Submissions and responses will not be made public, unless management deems otherwise.

3. Responsibility

3.1 HR Staff will:

3.1.1 Collect submissions from the box each working day.

3.1.2 Forward submissions concerning important matters to the Director of HR office.

3.1.3 Forward submissions to the appropriate department/office for necessary action.

3.1.4 Reply to the originator within 15 working days (if his/her identity is known) advising of the outcome of the suggestion. An acknowledgement of the submission will be sent automatically, upon receipt of a suggestion.

3.2 The Director of Human Resources Office will:

3.2.1 Consider the appropriate action to take in relation to all important suggestions referred to her by the HR staff.

3.2.2 Instruct the HR staff on the required course of action or, in serious cases, refer the matter to senior management.

3.3 All Staff should:

3.3.1 Respect the function of the suggestion box and not abuse its use

3.3.2 Endeavour to solve personal matters with immediate supervisor initially. Use the suggestion box only if that approach fails.

4. Best Suggestion Award and Best Response Award

4.1 A ‘Best Suggestion Award’ will be made annually. HR will select up to three best suggestions received during a one-year period and submit them to senior management for selection of the winner.

4.2 Following the same procedure, a ‘Best Response Award’ will also be made to the office that has demonstrated the greatest improvement as a result of a suggestion box submission.

5. Evaluation and Feedback

5.1 An Annual Report on the Suggestion Box Scheme including suggestions status, results of implementations, effects and impacts of such will be prepared by the HR Office.

5.2 The annual report will be sent to senior management, and a summarized version prepared for all staff, where appropriate.

(Prepared by the Staff Communication Sub-task-force: Prof. M.Y. Chan, Ms. Tanya Liu, Ms. Chasy Guo, Ms. Susan James, Ms. Shino Wang, Ms. Co Co Lin)

The suggestion box policy was approved by Senior Executive Committee (SECO) in 2015.