1 Objective
The main objective of the Sabbatical Leave Policy (SLP) is to facilitate the engagement of professional development relating to the pursuit of scholarly activities such as research and/or enhancement of teaching and learning. UIC (hereinafter shall refer as the College) encourages and supports eligible teaching staff members to apply for sabbatical leave as appropriate. The implementation of sabbatical leave is governed by the Sabbatical Leave Policy (hereinafter shall refer as the Policy) which is described in detail below.

2 General Guidelines

2.1 Eligibility
Full-time teaching staff members who satisfy the following conditions are eligible to apply and engage in sabbatical leave (hereinafter shall refer as eligible members).
i) To be appointed at the rank of Assistant Professor or above; and
ii)To have completed at least 6 years of continuous teaching service in the College.
Sabbatical leave is not an entitlement and its approval is at the absolute discretion of the College.

2.2 Duration
The sabbatical leave has to be taken for a 6-month period . It should coincide with the duration of a semester, and must end before the start of the subsequent semester. The Free Allocation Period which falls before/after/within the leave period is inclusive.

2.3 Location
During the sabbatical leave, eligible members are expected to affiliate themselves as much as possible with institutions outside China preferably in institutions where they have no prior research engagements.

2.4 Approval Authority
Applications for sabbatical leave will be preliminarily considered and endorsed by the respective Divisions and the Course Offering Units . Recommendations will be made by the Deans/Directors of the affiliated units of the respective applicants to the UIC Sabbatical Leave Sub-Committee, which is under the jurisdiction of the Human Resources and Staff Review & Development Committee, for final approval.

2.5 Approval Criteria
Applicants should provide a detailed plan for the proposed sabbatical programme. Approval criteria include:
i) Relevance of the proposed activities which demonstrate the academic activities undertaken have scholarly value relating to their appointments at the College and their academic career;
ii) Benefits of the proposed activities in relation to the development of the College;
iii) Clarity of intended outcomes and feasibility of implementation of the proposed activities;
iv) Official Letter of Invitation from the host institution, showing the duration, terms and conditions of the proposed activities;
v) Availability of external support, which will not be shared by the College, for the proposed activities will be an advantage.

2.6 Departmental Operational Arrangement
In principle, there will be no additional support, both financial and manpower, from the College to compensate for the absence of staff who takes sabbatical leave. The teaching unit involved has to try their best to make their own arrangements to re-organize their staff resources to meet both teaching and administrative work requirements. However, special applications for financial and manpower support can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

2.7 Post Sabbatical Requirement

2.7.1 A full report should be submitted by the staff concerned on completion of the sabbatical programme to the UIC Sabbatical Leave Sub-Committee via the Dean/Director of the affiliated unit of the staff within 3 months after returning to service from his/her sabbatical leave. Possible disciplinary actions can be imposed by the UIC Sabbatical Leave Sub-Committee as necessary if the outcomes are deemed unsatisfactory.
2.7.2 The staff concerned has to continue his/her mandatory service for 6 months to the College as assigned by the Dean/Director of his/her affiliated unit for a sabbatical leave of 6 months. Staff members who fail to meet this requirement for whatever reasons or under whatever circumstances would be required to repay the salary of the shortfall of service. The post-sabbatical service requirement cannot be concurrently served with the required notice for resignation.

3 Salary and Fringe Benefits Arrangement

3.1 Salary Arrangement
The staff member will receive full pay during the 6-month sabbatical leave period.

3.2 Housing Benefits and Other Fringe Benefits
The staff will continue to be entitled to the housing benefits and other fringe benefits (e.g. medical insurance) during the sabbatical leave period. However, the staff, who is staying in the living-quarters of the College, is required to vacate the premise during the sabbatical leave period and hand over to the College for re-allocation. S/he may be or may not be re-assigned to the same living-quarter upon returning from the sabbatical leave. Return passage fare is supported by the College at a rate not exceeding the normal accepted fare range of the College on a reimbursement basis.

4 Miscellaneous

4.1 Intellectual Property (IP)
Intellectual property (IP) rights of any outcomes developed during the sabbatical leave period will be separately considered on a case-by-case basis by the appropriate authority of the College.

4.2 Application for a Second Sabbatical Leave
4.2.1 Applicants should have completed at least 6 continuous years service in the College since the last sabbatical leave.
4.2.2 Applicants should have submitted a good report on the previous sabbatical leave and satisfactory track records of performance since the last sabbatical leave.
4.2.3 The regulations hereinabove are applicable to such application for a second sabbatical leave.


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