1. Purpose

In order to regulate staff members' part-time practice and outside business activities, promote staff members to perform their job duties seriously, and ensure the orderly progress of teaching and scientific research, talent training and other core tasks of the Beijing Normal University - Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC) (hereinafter shall refer as the “College”), these regulations (“Regulations”) are hereby formulated in combination of actual situations of the College.

Staff members who expect to engage in the part-time practice within or outside the College or outside business activities shall acquaint themselves with all the provisions set out herein and abide by relevant provisions, and follow the required procedures for seeking the necessary approval for engaging in relevant part-time work.

2. Definition of Part-time Practice

Part-time practice is generally divided into three categories, i.e. consultancy and investigational work, part-time practice which is not classified as consultancy and investigational work, and all outside business activities other than the former two categories.

(1) In general, work projects shall be classified as “consultancy & investigational work” if:

i. there is a client involved;

ii. the work will involve use of College facilities and/or equipment;

iii. the work will involve money going through the College; and

iv. the work will involve a professional fee to the Investigator (staff/unit/centre) apart from expenditure and disbursements.

(2) “Part-time practice which is not classified as consultancy and investigational work” shall be in relation to general educational work and/or community service.

i. General educational work (outside College): Broadcasting, external examining in the grading of papers, television talks and journalism, teaching activities on a scheduled/time-tabled basis.

ii. General education work (within College): Teaching activities assigned by non-direct affiliated Faculty/School/Unit in UIC with extra remuneration.

iii. Professional practice: designing programmes for training, film shooting, musical presentation, seminar series, as well as activities for the commercialization of research/creative endeavors, such as computer software, product design, laboratory tests and services, etc.

    (3) “Other outside business activities” refer to any other types of part-time practice that are not mentioned in the preceding paragraphs, such as volunteer service, investment in private companies, or acting as shareholders, directors and/or advisers in private or public institutions, etc. Whether or not the part-time practice engaged in by staff members falls into the category of “other outside business activities” shall be decided by the College.

    (4) Such activities as occasional rendering of professional advice or service as invited, occasional lectures, or acting as external examiners as a form of mutual assistance among sister institutions, authoring of books, or occasional broadcasting, television talks or news interview will not be regarded as part-time practice; provided that there is no formal act of employment nor remuneration involved therein.

The above principle also applies to the staff members providing occasional professional service, teaching or advice to another faculty/school or unit within the College as a form of mutual assistance.

More details, please view the regulation governing outside practice and related application form:

  Appendix I - Application Form for Outside Practise.docx 

  Regulations Governing Part-time Practice and Outside Business Activities 202212.pdf