1. Policy objective
To satisfy the flexibility necessary for the college, to meet the varying employment needs of academic, research and administrative functions. The employee grading also determines the application of other HR policies as well as eligibility for benefits.

2. Eligibility/compliance requirements
2.1. There are three different categories for teaching staff:
2.1.1. Professorial:

Grade Position
P.C Professor
P.B Associate Professor
P.A Assistant Professor

2.1.2.  Lecturing:

Grade Position
L.C Senior Lecturer
L.B Lecturer
L.A Instructor/Teaching Fellow

2.1.3.  Academic Support:

Grade Position
A.B Teaching Assistant II / Research Assistant II / Laboratory Technician II
A.A Teaching Assistant I / Research Assistant I / Laboratory Technician I /Intern Coordinater

2.2. There are three different ranks and totally 11 grades for non-teaching staff:

Grade Rank Position
K Managerial/Senior Professional Registrar/Bursar/Chief
J Deputy Registrar/Deputy Bursar/ Deputy Chief/
I Director/Manager/Senior Psychology Counselor
H Deputy Director/Assistant Director



Senior Academic Officer/ Senior Admin Officer/ Senior IT Engineer
F Academic Officer/ Admin Officer/ IT Engineer (Programmer) /Senior Accountant/Medical doctor/ Psychology Counselor
E Assistant Academic Officer / Assistant Admin Officer/ IT Technician/ Accountant
D General Senior Administrative Assistant/Senior Cashier/Executive Officer/Junior Psychology Counselor/ Junior Medical doctor
C Administrative Assistant/Cashier
B Clerk/Driver
A Worker