1. Policy objective

To help foreign staff come to China and work at UIC legally.

2. Eligibility/compliance requirements

2.1. Legal basis: Law of the People’s Republic of China on Entry and Exit of Aliens and its rule.

2.2. This policy is applicable for appointees and staff who come from overseas.

2.3. HR should provide comprehensive information to appointees, but not be responsible for visa approval.

2.4. Appointees who enter and are permitted to stay in Zhuhai are required by law to register for the issuance of a Residence Permit within one month of their arrival.

2.5. The charge involved is paid by individual.

2.6. The policy is subject to change upon the Immigration rules and regulations.

3. Process /procedures

3.1 For foreign staff

3.1.1 Help appointee to apply for an appropriate visa to enter into China. Inform appointee the related issue for visa application

Applications for Z/R visas should be made at least ten weeks PRIOR to departure. Appointee may submit the application through the College to Foreign Experts Bureau by completing and returning the following to the HR Office:

        a. Copies of passport(s) and Chinese visa(s) from previous travel to China.

        b. Health Certificate which can certify that appointee has no contraindication to travel and work overseas. The certificate must be official and should be issued by a physician.

        c. Authenticates Certificates of Non-criminal Punishment.

        d. One recently-taken 2-inch hatless full- face color photographs.

        e. Authenticates your highest academic diploma.

        f. Copies of passports and visas of appointee's dependents and proofs of relationship for visa application of dependents.

        g. Work Qualification.

        h. (This option is not applicable to an F visa applicant who is invited to visit or do research for the purpose of culture exchange.) Completed Foreign Experts Working Permit Application Reco

        d. Curriculum vitae and proofs of academic qualifications and experience, e.g. copies of diploma, certificates and testimonials. Following Process

  Upon the receipt of the documents as stated above, HR Office will finish the following process:

        a. Make application of Foreign Experts Working Permit to Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs of Guangdong Province and finally get a Foreign Expert Working Permit;

        b. Upon the approval, HR Office shall arrange to forward the Foreign Expert Working Permit to appointee for their visa applications in their country.

3.1.2 Help new foreign staff to apply for residence permit to work and stay in Zhuhai

      Upon arrival, new foreign staff need apply for Foreign Expert Certificate and Residence Permit with the assistance of HR Office by finishing the following process: Make registration of accommodation

According to the immigration rules and regulations, foreign staff need to go to the local police station under the company of housing agent or the owner to register accommodation within 24 hours. Documents required are as follows:

        a. Passport (original and copies)

        b. Rental contract

        c. Owner tenancy certificate which can get from housing agent or the owner of apartment.

        d. Completed “Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitors” and one recently-taken 2-inch hatless full-face color photograph. Take health examination in authorized hospital and get a certificate of health examination

HR Office should make arrangements for foreign staff who would stay and work in China over 6 months to make health examination in the hospital of Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine, and the fee is 390RMB at applicant’s expense. Documents required are as follows:

        a. Passport (original and copies)

        b. Two recently-taken 2-inch hatless full-face color photograph Application of Foreign Expert Certificate

HR Office helps new foreign staff make application of Foreign Working Permit Card to the Administration of Foreign Experts Office of Guangdong Province. Documents required are as follows:

        a. Copies of passport and Z visa page

        b. Foreign Experts Working Permit

        c. Official letter issued by UIC

        d. Taking a specific photo for visa application

Applicants need to take special photo for visa application, the fee is around RMB35 at applicant’s expense and validity of photo paper is only one month. Application of Residence Permit in Zhuhai

HR Office should make an arrangement for applicant to submit the application and take an interview with the visa official, and the visa fee is 800RMB a year at applicant’s expense. Documents required are as follows:

         a. Passport (original and copies)

         b. Completed “Visa or Residence Permit Application Form” and one recently- taken 2-inch hatless full-face color photograph.

         c. Registration Form which can be issued upon Step

         d. Health Certificate which can be issued upon Step

         e. Working Permit Card which can be issued upon Step

         f. Official letter issued by UIC

         g. Special photo paper which can be provided upon Step

3.2 For HK/Macau/Taiwan Staff

Under the Ordinance of ZhuHai Labor and Social Security Bureau, staff members coming from HK/Macau/Taiwan are required to apply for the Working Permit. The Permit also is used for Social Insurance Plan.

3.2.1 Medical Check-up Within one week after reporting on duty, appointees need to apply for the certificate of health examination from the ZhuHai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. Appointees should have their Medical Check-up, and go through the health certificate exam at No.133 QiaoGuang Road, GongBei, ZhuHai City. (Tel: 0756-8889496) Documents Required:

a. Two recent hatless full-face photographs;

b. The original Entry Certificate. Fee(paid by individuals):about RMB390.00

3.2.2 Documents Required

      a. Application Form;

      b. Appointment Letter or working certificate issued by college;

      c. For HK/Macau Staff: Identification Card and Entry Certificate (original and 1 copy) ;For Taiwan Staff: Entry Certificate (original and 1 copy) ;

      d. Two recent bigger 1 inch hatless full-face color photographs;

      e. Health Certificate (original and 1 copy) ;

      f. License of the College (photocopy with stamp).

4. Form templates

4.1. Foreign Experts Working Permit Application Record

4.2. Registration Form of Temporary Residence for Visitors

4.3. Visa or Residence Permit Application Form

4.4. Sample of special photo paper for visa application