1. Policy objective

To ensure that all employees are recruited, deployed, trained and promoted on the basis of ability.

2. Eligibility/compliance requirements

2.1. The College is committed to the active pursuit of equal opportunity in all areas of its operation.

2.2. The College's admission policy is committed to the promotion of equal opportunities, and is directed towards the selection of students who have the ability and motivation to benefit from the courses which they intend to follow.

2.3. As an equal opportunity employer, the College will conduct its employment policy in such a way that individuals will be selected, appointed, promoted, developed and treated on the basis of consistent selection criteria, i.e. the job requirement as set out in the conditions of appointment for the respective staff grades, as well as criteria as laid down in a relevant policy document. Accordingly, individuals will be assessed on the basis of the job requirements and their relevant aptitudes, skills and abilities, and not on other considerations.

2.4. There shall be equality of opportunity in access to all College facilities and services. Wherever reasonably practicable, arrangements will be made to ensure that people with disabilities have access to the same facilities as others.

2.5. The College acts to ensure dignity at work and study. Harassment or victimization in any form will not be tolerated.

The equal employment policy was approved at the Staff Review and Development Committee (SRDC) on 6th May 2008.