Q1: What is the supporting material of the application?

A1: Application form for Staff Catering Welfare.

Q2: What is the timeline of this scheme?

A2: Application can be made twice every year, May and November.

Q3: How many choice of the caterer?

A3: There will be two choices at this stage, Greenwood (including Greenwood Gourmet, Illy Café and Cheers) and Oasis.

Q4: Can I choose the level of reimbursement?

A4: Four level options are open to all staff, RMB 500/1,000/1,500/2,000 for Greenwood and Oasis.

Q5: How long is the term of validity?

A5: The tickets for Oasis will be valid for one year. The unused tickets can be changed to the next year’s new ticket. The card for Greenwood will be valid until the closure the business.

Q6: Can I ask for the voucher after the service?

A4: The voucher has been collected by the College in advance for financial process. It should not be on repeating basis.

Q7: Can I draw out the money from the card or ticket?

A7: A handling fee of RMB 10 should be paid by the staff to Greenwood Gourmet, refundable from Greenwood only upon surrendering the Card. The card of Greenwood and ticket of Oasis cannot be exchanged for cash and the balance is non-refundable upon surrendering the Card.